(TT) = Toru Tagawa conducting
(YU)=Yudai Ueda conducting

Rehearsals for June 3rd
Thursday, June 1st, 7pm – 9:30pm@UA School of Music, Room 170
Friday, June 2nd, 7pm -9:30pm@UA Crowder Hall
7pm: Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2, Dr. Fanya Lin, Piano (TT) Bowed pares available at the bowed parts area.
2222/4231 tmp+2, 33 min.
8:20pm: Respighi: Pines of Rome (YU)
3333/4340, 6 buccine, tmp+5, hp, cel, pf. org 23 min.

Concert June 3rd, 7:30pm@UA Crowder Hall
Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2
Respighi: Pines of Rome

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