Video from Family Concert/ Open Rehearsal July 15th

Music of the Masters VII was well received by the audiences on June 6, 2016.  We have a video  from our Family Concert is now on youtube. 

Open Rehearsal will be on July 15h, 7pm -9pm at Grace St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  2331 E. Adams Street. Free (Donations Welcome)

Musicians will read through music by Debussy (Afternoon of a Faun), Ravel (La Valse), Verdi (Sicilian Vespers) with guest conductor Suke Nakata, and Toru Tagawa will lead the Beethoven’s Symphony No.6.  It’s a rare opportunity for audiences to be able to hear the first run through of the pieces.  (We are not necessary performing the repertoire in near future)

4 responses to “Video from Family Concert/ Open Rehearsal July 15th”

  1. I personally just think its amazing that we are still trying to play these great composers music, and still having trouble concurring it. I belive these people did a fantastic job and they should keep doing what they love to do.

  2. Such a cute video from the Family Concert. I am sure those kids loved every minute of it!

  3. Kelsey Basinger Avatar
    Kelsey Basinger

    This is a great idea to start getting your children to listen to music and become involved in it! Very good job!

  4. Robert WIlliams Avatar
    Robert WIlliams

    Great work!

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