Inaugural Concert was a HUGE Success

Congratulations to TRO Musicians for giving fantastic performance on July 14th, 2pm at St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church.

We had full audience,and the performance was well received.

Special thank you again to
Lothar and Linda, Sponsors for the Concert, Printed Programs, Provided Cookies and Water, Video/Photo, Support, Coordinating Woodwinds
John, Setting up the church, recommending me the church, getting the podium, lighting
JJ, TRO’s stage manager
Darian, Program Designer, writer of the Program Notes
Everyone who helped me and John move chairs, risers, etc!!    JJ, Jose, Alex C. Alex P, Janine, Carrie, Hannah, Steve, Cassandra,
Laura, Librarian, biggest supporter and much more!!
Andrew and Susan for dealing with the Video during the performance!!
Ingvi Kallen, Helping me with Publicity
Rhonda Collins, TRO Logo Design
Great Job to
Alex P, our Trumpet Coordinator to start our the concert with Fanfare, Nicely done
Jose Leonardi, Concertmaster for Elgar with Solo, and Schubert
Janine, Concertmaster for Mozart
Mindi, Alicia, Dan, Christian, John, JJ, Cassandra and Lisa.  (1st players)
Margaret and Paula who came all the way from Sierra Vista.
Every single one of you!!!!  You all are Fantastic!!

2 responses to “Inaugural Concert was a HUGE Success”

  1. It’s nice to hear that the Inaugural Concert was a huge success! Sometimes I feel that people miss out on really great performances.

  2. It’s always nice when you can have a huge audience. Also, congratulations on your success, and hopefully you can have countless sold out performances.

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